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Join other mothers of boys as they spend 5 days praying for their boys from head to toe. Based on Ephesians 6:10-17 (the armor of God)

In this 5-day challenge, we’ll learn to put on the armor of God (Ephesians 6:10-17) for ourselves and our sons in prayer as we explore praying for our boys from head to toe. In the process, we might even realize just how valuable and powerful we are as praying moms. 

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Covering Them From Head to Toe

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Covering Them From Head to Toe

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What people are saying about the Covering Challenge

“I realized I was getting angry at them for behaving like little boys, but your Praying for the Boys has helped me control a situation in my head before lashing out on them. With the grace of God the bridge of love between my Boys and I has been restored!”

“When I read about your book and this prayer challenge it was the meeting of two heart burdens – the needs of my son and the needs of my prayer life. I was thrilled with God’s hand in all of this.”

“The Covering Challenge for me was an empowerment! As a mom, I feel like I know how to raise my girls, but I often question how I can help my boys grow into men of God since I’m not a man and cannot give them what their father can.  This was the perfect opportunity to me to feel empowered and encouraged that I can be instrumental in helping them grow in their walk with Christ.”

“I always pray for my 3 boys but this challenge helped me to have a focus each day and stay on focus with my prayers for that day!! It also opened my eyes to new situations and issues to pray about!! I have saved all the days prayers and will continue to use them in my prayer life!! Thank you!!”

“Thanks for stepping up to the challenge of reaching out to moms who need to hear that it’s o.k. to be real. We are in this together.”

“I can truly say there has been a type of peace and understanding that has fallen on my home with my son and I since taking this challenge. Thank you.”

“Thank you for speaking truth to us and reminding us of God’s powerful work in our prayers and through His word.

“Thank you for speaking truth to us and reminding us of God’s powerful work in our prayers and through his word.”

“My son will be 30 next week. He is expecting a son in the spring. So I am praying for my son to be the dad that God wants him to  be and praying for my grandson to be to grow in the womb. Thank you for this challenge.”

“I am not a mom to any of my own children, but I have worked with children in all the jobs I have had thus far as a Summer Camp Director and Director of Children’s Ministry. I came across this 5-Day Challenge while looking for ideas to put together a Devotional for parents specific to their children. I especially enjoyed this because it was for the boys and each day I found myself thinking of the many different little guys I have gotten to work with. Often times I think we get too complacent in prayer and find ourselves wondering in thought so this was great for channeling specific prayer needs.”

“I have two boys and knowing how to pray for them is the best gift you could have given.  Boys are delightfully different than girls and need different prayers.”

God has been speaking with me that I need to be more proactive on discipling my boys and praying for them.

“When I read about “Covering them from Head to Toe” challenge I really believed that God was telling me that would be a good way to start. Thank you for bringing is together and giving us direction.”

“The teen years seem to be a challenge of balancing giving them some and but guiding their choices. Just playing a game together isn’t enough!! I enjoyed the Challenge because it was not just about my son’s heart but mine.”

“The praying for our sons from head to toe really touched my heart. I have two boys ages 12 and 14. They are leaving the boy stage of life and entering into the “dangerous” waters of teenage years. I have learned I can’t do it all by myself. Prayer and trusting God covers my inadequacies.”